Make Up Work

For students who wish to replace their test scores from Friday, they can log into Playposit and complete the module labeled for Friday's Quiz.

  1. Click on log into your account.
  2. Enter your username:  (firstname)p()ms2
    1. If your name was Timmy and you were in 3rd period your username would be timmyp3ms2.  
    2. If your name was Johnny and you were in 5th period math your username would be johnnyp5ms2
     4.   Enter your Password:  student1

Thanks for your help in attending to this matter!

4th Quarter Make Up Work

Make Up In Class/Assignments 4-9 to 4-13

Code until May 1st is  629366

Make Up Quiz from 4-13
Click Here and follow instructions above.

Make Up Work from 4-16 to 4-20
Click Here for Make Up Test
You can either print out the test or complete each problem on a separate sheet of notebook paper.

Make Up Work from 4-26
Click Here to start your Practice Test
To get the make up work you need to complete 8 problems on a sheet of paper.
Each problem must show the following
1. Identify the problem type
2. Show All Work to Solve
3. Circle your Answer!

3rd Quarter Make Up Work

QUIZ 2-2

2-2 Quiz Part 1 Make Up Click Here

2-2 Quiz Part 2 Make Up Click Here

Quiz 2-9
2-9 Quiz Make Up

Make Up Work 2-12 to 2-16
2-12 - 2-16 Make Up Work

Quiz 2-23
Quiz Make Up for 2-23 Click Here
Entry Code 807529
Tutorial for Quiz Make Up Click Here

Make Up Work 2-20 to 2-23

Quizzizz Make Up Click Here

Entry Code is 102992

Quiz 3-2 
Entry Code 529194 

Make up work 2-26 to 3-2
Click Here for Quizzizz  Game Code 194176

Quiz 3-9

Click Here for Make Up Quiz/Packet Make Up

Quiz 3-16 - No Make Up Work for March Madness Packets

Quiz 3-23 - Tenmarks Assignments you have until April 7th to complete these.

Quiz 3-30

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