Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Math Madness Continues

Today the students will be completing the second page in their Math Madness Packets.  They will watch the tutorial below and then practice the worksheets so their skills are were they need to be to apply the concepts on Thursday and Friday during Math Class. They will have the entire period to finish 2 out of the 3 worksheets in their packet.  If they finish all three they can earn up to 10 points extra credit.

The notes in the Tutorial must be complete by Friday!

Let the Math Madness Begin

Today the students are going to start the Application of their Linear Equation Unit by exploring the NCAA March Madness.

Each students is going to be assigned a team and they will be responsible for doing research into their teams School and their Basketball Program.  They will be completing their Math Madness Packet and it will be the only graded module of the week.

Below is the Make Up Quiz and Packet Assignment Tutorial.  It is located in Playposit and it will be live on the website as of 3:45pm today!

Click this Link to Begin the Assessment.

Watch the Tutorial without the Quiz first below!

March Madness Helpful Links!

College Research Link for School Questionairre

Basketball Team Research

Friday, March 9, 2018

Formative Assessment Day

Today the students are working through their Formative Assessment on Slope Intercept Form.

Click here to go to Socrative.  Class code MRROBBY

Next they will be working on their Slope Intercept Quizlet Module.  They must log into their account and complete the gravity below.


Quizalize Pilot

Code uez7382

Then they may sharpen their skills on any of the games below of their choosing to help them get ready for SBAC.

Multiplication Blocks

Click Here to Play

Tangled Web

Snow Sprint

Tug Boat Addition

Division Derby

Multiplication Blocks

Ducky Race


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Today in Math

Today in Math the students are making a poster in groups and completing a Group Assignment of 10 Problems.  Samples from class today will be posted after 3:30pm.

Yesterday's Math Notes are posted below with the minimum amount of problems the students should have completed in class.  I have also posted the Graded Version of the Quiz from Friday in case the students did not follow along with the grading during class.  

QUIZ Corrections

Computer Apps Coverage

Click Below for the supplementary Links for the day

Typing Game

Quiz Game