Thursday, December 6, 2018

Unit 3 Lesson 6 Continued

Today the students will continue to work through their Lesson 6 in the lab.

Station 1:  Working through the lesson

Station 2:  Group Work Through Finding Equations

Station 3:  Computer Science in Algebra

Students will need to click on the Link Below and register for


They will then need to begin their work through the series!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Today in Math Unit 3 Lesson 6

Station 1 - Lesson 6 with Mr. Lynch

Station 2 - Finding the Equation Practice with Mr. Robinson

Station 3 - Quizizz

Click on the Quizizz Link

code 222674

Monday, December 3, 2018

Unit 3 Lesson 5 - Lab Day 1

Today the students are continuing to build off of their previous lessons on Linear Equations, Proportional Relationships, and how to write the equation of line. 

Station 1:  The students will be working with either Mr. Lynch or Mr. Robinson going through the Lesson in their Work Books. 

Station 2:  Practicing writing the Equation of a Line from Coordinates.  In this station students are practicing on deriving the equation of line from 2 points on a graph.  They will analyze the points, find the slope, and create the equation of a line.

Station 3:  Independent Practice.  Students will be working on the computers through a Quizlet test and then the Gravity Portal.

Click Here to take the Independent Practice Test on Quizlet

Click Here to play the Gravity - MUST SELECT TERM

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Unit 3 Lab Day Lesson 3-4

Today the students are working through 2 stations.

Station 1 they will be finishing lesson 3 with Mr. Lynch and diving into Lesson 4.

Station 2:

The students will continue to work through Charlies Delightful Light Machine however, we will be learning how to come up with an EXACT equation for each scenario.

Click here to go to Charlies Delightful Light Machine

Below is a Tutorial for all the students who had to miss today's lab due to the Junior Achievement Field Trip.  The students are still responsible for the work while they missed!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Unit 3 Lesson 3 Lab Day

Today the students will be working through a series of 3 rotations to help cement the concepts of Unit 3.

Lab 1 - Mr. Lynch Student Work Book

Lab 2 - More practice finding Additional points.

The students are working through a worksheet.

Lab 3 - Identifying and Explaining Patterns

Click here to go to Charlies Delightful Light Machine

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Unit 3 Lab Day 1 11-27

Station 1 - Mr. Lynch

Working through Lesson 2 of their Work Books.

Click Here to get a copy of the student materials.   

Station 2 - Four Additional Points

Mr. Robinson will be working with the students to find 4 additional points that would lie on a line connected by two coordinates!

Station 3 -

Click Here to Enter the Assignment


They will be turning in their Exit Tickets on the way out the door.

Youtube Tutorial for the C-Notes is below

Monday, November 26, 2018

Welcome to Unit 3 - Revisiting Proporotions

Today the students will be correcting their Unit 2 Test.  The retake for the test will be posted online on Wednesday afternoon.  If the student did not pass the Unit 2 Test with a 70% or higher they will need to complete the Retake Test by December 21st.

Click Here for copies of today's work

Before we dive in though we will be revisiting the idea of proportional relationships!