Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Function Madness Statistic Research

The students are going to have find certain statistics in order to complete the Function Madness Packet.  There are two different areas they will need in order to complete the required research.

Basketball Stats Website


Below is the where the students will be able to look up College Admission and Attendance Information.  

Monday, March 18, 2019

This Week in Math - Function Madness

This week the students will be exploring how Saber Metrics can help us predict the outcome of events over time.  One way we see this play out in the real world is with the game of baseball and the concept of Sabermetrics.

To explore how this relates to what we are studying is to apply our Math Functions we are learning in class.  Each student/Pair of students will be drawing one of the Match Ups from this weeks NCAA March Madness.  They will then be applying Sabermetrics to their match up to evaluate what team has the best opportunity to win based upon a number of factors.

They will then take this data and place it in a poster that will be due at the end of the week.  All Work will be contained in the poster.

Below are the Character Strong Lessons we will be working through this week too!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Today in Lab - Lessons 3-5, Evaluating Functions, Sharpening Skills

Today the students will be participating in 1 of 3 labs depending on their grouping.

Lab Station 1:  Open Up Resource Book Lessons 3-5

The students are exploring lessons 3-5 where they will gain knowledge of Independent Variables, Dependent Variables, and what makes a function a function.  They will be responsible for the practice problems of lesson 3 and 4 this week.

Lab Station 2:  Character Strong and Evaluating Functions

The students will practice evaluating functions for the given variables.  They will also start to explore some of the Character Strong Curriculum that we are piloting in my classroom.  We will be exploring the importance of relationships.

Below is a tutorial for review

Lab Station 3:  More on Functions, Sharpening Skills, and Quizizz.

In lab station three the students will be working through 3 stages on the computers.

Station 1 :  Play Posit 

Station 2:  Khan Academy Practice.  Students will need to log into their Khan Academy accounts through the Clever Portal and complete their 2 practice sets.

Station 3:  Identifying Functions Practice on Quizizz

Click Here to Log into Game

Game Code 721352

Monday, March 11, 2019

This Week in Math - Function Notation Continued

This week the students are continuing to learn about Function Notation.

They will be learning about Domains, Ranges, and what makes a function a function. 

By the weeks end they will complete a Project Packet, be through lessons 1-5 of their Unit Work Books, and be ready to compete in the Functions Madness Tournament next week. 

Unit 4 Final Make Up Assignment

Below is a link to the Unit 4 Final Make Up Assignment.

Students must show all work on a separate sheet of paper to receive credit.

Click Here to go to Quizizz

Game Code : 328370

Monday, March 4, 2019

This Week in Math - Introduction to Functions

This week we are pushing out of Unit 4 and Entering Unit 5 Functions and Volume

The schedule for this week is outlined below!

Monday:  Finish Unit 4 Test/Make Up Work/Khan Introductions.

Tuesday:  Intro to Functions Lab

Wednesday:  Functions Lab Continued

Thursday:  Functions Lab Continued

Friday:  Unit 5 Week 1 Formative Assessment.

Below is an introduction to Functions