Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Today in Lab - Lessons 3-5, Evaluating Functions, Sharpening Skills

Today the students will be participating in 1 of 3 labs depending on their grouping.

Lab Station 1:  Open Up Resource Book Lessons 3-5

The students are exploring lessons 3-5 where they will gain knowledge of Independent Variables, Dependent Variables, and what makes a function a function.  They will be responsible for the practice problems of lesson 3 and 4 this week.

Lab Station 2:  Character Strong and Evaluating Functions

The students will practice evaluating functions for the given variables.  They will also start to explore some of the Character Strong Curriculum that we are piloting in my classroom.  We will be exploring the importance of relationships.

Below is a tutorial for review

Lab Station 3:  More on Functions, Sharpening Skills, and Quizizz.

In lab station three the students will be working through 3 stages on the computers.

Station 1 :  Play Posit 

Station 2:  Khan Academy Practice.  Students will need to log into their Khan Academy accounts through the Clever Portal and complete their 2 practice sets.

Station 3:  Identifying Functions Practice on Quizizz

Click Here to Log into Game

Game Code 721352

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