Friday, January 25, 2019

Project Mars Examples and Overview

This week the students had the opportunity to begin Project Mars.  Below is the welcome letter introducing the project that will be due on February 1st.

Dear Student,

You have been assigned the task of creating and promoting a Record by some of the Hottest Math
Artists of the Day!  Your Album is going to help generate funds for the Global Epidemic referred to
as MARS. Mathematics Anti Retrieval Syndrome.  This disease is causing Humans all over the
planet to have a failure when they are trying to retrieve Math related information.  

The United States has a long history of finding creative solutions to problems similar to MARS.  
In the 1980’s to help combat the famine in Ethiopa the world’s best Pop Artist formed Band Aid
and their charity Album helped to raise funds that helped end this crisis.  The Robinson Mathletic
Group has decided to take on the MARS pandemic by creating a studio album with the hottest Math
Artists of the Day.

Your role, in conjecture with the Robinson Mathletic Group, is to design the Album Cover for the
project according to the guidelines below.

  1. Front Cover
    1. Design, Name, Designed by (Your Name) and Color the Album Cover
    2. Your cover must include all relevant equations used by the artist who contributed to
    3. the album in order to avoid copyright and licensing issues.  

    4. It also has to have a “unique” tagline that helps explain the MARS epidemic in 140
    5. characters or less.

  2. Back cover
    1. The Back Cover Must be divided into 5 sections.  Each section must include the lyrics
    2. and title of each song.  The artist included are Sloper Boy, Slope B., Dr. Slope,
    3. Florida Georgia Slope Line, and _____________________ (The Artist and Lyrics you
    4. Create).
  3. Contents of the Album.
    1. Each album must have a completed Recordagraphy of Works that inspired the
    2. songs from each artist!

Your will be paid $45 Robby Dollars upon completion of this project and you will also be graded up to
50 points for your work!

Thank you in advance for your creativity and hard work on this project!  It will be due by the end of
the period on February 1st, 2019.


Michael B. Robinson
Instructor and President of Robinson Mathletic Group

Below are the lyric sheets and work samples.  Students should have the majority of their back cover complete, except the lyrics from their own song.  They should have all three worksheets mainly completed from their lyrics and inspiration.

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