Monday, December 3, 2018

Unit 3 Lesson 5 - Lab Day 1

Today the students are continuing to build off of their previous lessons on Linear Equations, Proportional Relationships, and how to write the equation of line. 

Station 1:  The students will be working with either Mr. Lynch or Mr. Robinson going through the Lesson in their Work Books. 

Station 2:  Practicing writing the Equation of a Line from Coordinates.  In this station students are practicing on deriving the equation of line from 2 points on a graph.  They will analyze the points, find the slope, and create the equation of a line.

Station 3:  Independent Practice.  Students will be working on the computers through a Quizlet test and then the Gravity Portal.

Click Here to take the Independent Practice Test on Quizlet

Click Here to play the Gravity - MUST SELECT TERM

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