Monday, November 19, 2018

Unit Two Test Review - Dilations and Slope

Today the students are doing Day 1 of their Unit 2 Test Review.

The students will be working through a series of tasks

Task 1 - Slope Practice

Watch the video below then complete the Quizalize Quiz

Click here to take quiz

Task 2 complete the Quizizz Practice Test

Click Here to take Quizizz 1

code:  309638

Click Here to take Dilations Quiz

Code 567737

Task 3 Xtramath Practice

Log into and complete a full cycle

Task 4 Arcademic Practice

Click Here for Dirt Bike Porportions
you must play 5 rounds

Click here for Snow Sprint
you must play 4 rounds

Click Here for Swimming Otters
you must play 3 rounds

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