Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Lab Day

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the students will be working through a series of stations designed to give them a better understanding of the Transformations that take place along Parallel Lines.

Station 1 - Open Up Workbook

Students need to click the link below to complete the lesson.

Station 2:  Whiteboards 

At this station the students will be working through a series of problems with their peers designed to give them the practice they need to gain better understanding.

Station 3:  Computer Work

Students will be going through the following progression on their computers.  They need to sign into their accounts on Clever.  Then they need to click on the Khan Academy Link and Join my classroom.  

Password :  067327

Manga High Tangled Web

Additional Quizlet Drills

Click Here for Task 1

Click Here for Task 2

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