Friday, October 13, 2017

Finishing the Unit 1 Assessment and Moving Toward Unit 2 Similarity

Today the students will be finishing their Unit 1 assessments. 

 When they have finished their assessment they should log into their computers and go to their account and finish the assignments due for Unit 1.

Once they have finished their Tenmarks assignments they will need to complete the following Task.


1.  Go to

2.  Type "famous cities from above" into the search bar.

3.  Find images of "famous cities from above" that have clearly defined parallel lines running through it.  They should look like the picture below of Barcelona, Spain.

4.  Once they have identified a picture they will need to right click on it and choose the option "SAVE AS"

5.  Save the file into the K: Drive into the Robinson Creative Lab folder as the "CityNameP?".  The above picture would be saved for a 4th Period student as "BarcelonaP4".

6.  Your goal is to find and save a minimum of 5 different examples.  If another example is already saved of that city in the Robinson Creative Lab folder from your Period, then you have to find another!  Good Luck searching!

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