Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lab Day 2: Finish Peer Editing, Quizlet, and Kahoot


Typing WARM UP

Class Activity

Station 1
Students will be completing a challenge on Kahoot.  This online resource challenges students in a Timed Testing like environment.  It allows them to compete with each other while mastering their skills with Transformational Geometry.

Kahoot - Click Here

Station 2
Today the students will continue to finish their Peer Editing.  This will help them learn how to write an academic paragraph for math while also learning how to better explain their thinking.  They will be working in groups of 3's to finish the problem and write their paragraphs.

Station 3
In Station 3 the students will be logging into their Quizlet Accounts and playing a round of Gravity.  When they have finished their round of Gravity, they may practice their Transtar skills.



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