Friday, September 8, 2017

Introduction to the Similarity - Tenmarks, Transtar, and Transformation Golf

Today the students will continue their initial exploration into the concepts of Similarity and how it fits into Transformational Geometry.

Gooru Accounts

The students will explore their Tenmarks Accounts.  They will do the demo lesson and then complete their Unit Pre-Test Assignment.

Click Here to go to

The students will then have the opportunity to finish exploring the concepts of Similarity using TRANSTAR.

Click here to go to TRANSTAR

If the students still have time they will be able to explore by playing a round of golf using Transformations.


Angle Practice inside of  Please Use your Log In from Yesterday!

Click Here for Quizlet Set

Additional Quizlet Practice Set 

Class Competition

Next week we will be getting our Math Notebooks and learning about the Concept of Translations!

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